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Media trainings

Primum’s approach to trainings is based on the coaching of speakers for building up an effective interaction with media industry representatives and is aimed at the development of the speaker’s individual style, perfection of the skills of structured release of information, mastering of the practice of debating and response in a non-standard or crisis situation.

Drawing up the training programs, Primum’s coaches and instructors give special attention to clarification of particular communication problems of the clients and studying of comparable situations encountered in corporate practice. Besides exercises, our trainings include such activities as modeling of specific situations or press events, discussions, interactive presentations.

Among the participants of individual and group trainings held by Primum in 2008-2010 there were more than 600 top managers, analysts, and PR-experts from various business areas.


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According to the head of Analytical Department of Primum Corporate and Financial Communications Agency Mrs. Alexandra Semenova, "Bank advertising will return to a quieter note and won’t aim at attracting spontaneous borrowers and depositors. Aggression has just finished and the banks do not face the task to stand out at any cost."

• 11.10.2009


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