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Studies and surveys

Primum executes reputation and case studies, which results are used for communication campaigns or as a basis to establish or fix the company’s reputation.

As a base for these studies we use the results of media content analysis, blogs and forums on the related topics, experts’ reports, consulting reviews, as well as results of special experts polls which we organize and conduct.

During our studies we attract the experts from the following groups:

  • — Representatives of state bodies
  • — Market experts and analysts
  • — Representatives of business associations
  • — Investment banks and asset management analysts
  • — Journalists
  • — Representatives of NGO

Diagnostic research includes study of the features of the company’s positioning in the competitive environment, the specifics of marketing and communications in the industry, public opinion on certain industry issues.



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According to the head of Analytical Department of Primum Corporate and Financial Communications Agency Mrs. Alexandra Semenova, "Bank advertising will return to a quieter note and won’t aim at attracting spontaneous borrowers and depositors. Aggression has just finished and the banks do not face the task to stand out at any cost."

• 11.10.2009


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