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Media relations

Media relations is one of the core Primum competences. We help our clients to build up long-term relations with media, to conduct targeted media campaigns and to react competently in crisis situations.

The efficiency of our interaction with media grows out of the deep penetration into the specific features of the editorial policy of each publication, and is a consequence of scrupulous work of creation of the content we offer to media and society.

We cooperate with all leading news agencies, business and political media outlets, broadcasters, TV-channels, news websites and content aggregating blogs . Every day Primum has dozens of contacts with the leading Russian mass-media in the interests of our clients.


Primum Agency for Corporate and Financial Communications plans to cooperate with Vyazemskiy & Zapolskiy communications bureau • 27.01.2012
Elena Kuznetsova conducted a master class at Moscow PRWeek 2011 • 29.09.2011
Natalia Mandrova was elected new president of the IABC Russian chapter • 26.09.2011


According to the head of Analytical Department of Primum Corporate and Financial Communications Agency Mrs. Alexandra Semenova, "Bank advertising will return to a quieter note and won’t aim at attracting spontaneous borrowers and depositors. Aggression has just finished and the banks do not face the task to stand out at any cost."

• 11.10.2009


Russian Financiers Change their Rating of Influence in Second Quarter of 2011 • 19.07.2011
Mrs. Natalia Mandrova Took Part in Round Table Conference "Role of PR in Development of Civil Society" • 31.05.2011
Rating of Influence in First Quarter of 2011 • 20.05.2011