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Elena Kuznetsova conducted a master class at Moscow PRWeek 2011

Elena Kuznetsova, Manager of Corporate and Financial Projects of Primum Agency for Corporate and Financial Communications conducted a master class in the framework of 8th International Youth Public Communications Forum Moscow PR Week 2011.

The master class on the topic “Communications boutiques and malls. The principles of their co-existence” was devoted to two modern forms of communications agencies organization that are conventionally named ‘boutiques’ and ‘malls’ in the topic of the repot. During the master class Elena gave an overall description of the modern PR industry and focused on PR agencies as its primary participants.

According to the expert the incomes of Russian and international companies have been constantly growing, however they have to make more job for the same or even less reward (taking into consideration inflation). Talking about trends in PR instruments Elena mentioned the expansion of social media for companies and brands promotion together with the clients’ professional growth and growing requirements to the experts experience in PR traditional spheres.

On the basis of her working experience in various PR agencies, corporations and media Elena Kuznetsova described the features, structure and advantages of these two forms of PR organizations. During the master class Elena suggested the participants describing the situations when it is better to enlist the services of ‘malls’ and when of ‘boutiques’ on the example of a large Russian bank.

In conclusion Elena described Primum Agency for Corporate and Financial Communications as a classical PR boutique and illustrated the principals of its work describing its two projects.