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Natalia Mandrova was elected new president of the IABC Russian chapter

Natalia Mandrova, General Director of Primum Agency for Corporate and Financial Communications, was elected new president of the IABC Russian Chapter.

On Sept.26 Natalia Mandrova succeeded Andrey Lapshov – senior director of Insiders group in concordance with a decision taken by the board of directors.

The members of the board of directors of IABC/Russia adopted unanimously Natalia as their new President. Before being elected Natalia Mandrova had been the member of the board of directors of IABC/Russia and the head of IABC/Russia Education Committee.

“Despite the crisis IABC/ Russia showed the best dynamics of its development in comparison with other associations. The association has made good progress and now it is at its highest level.

That is why it is very important to exert every effort to its further development. I would like to maintain this strong position proceeding with the successful projects as well as setting some new interesting trends of our activity. Dialogue and the air of partnership are the main elements in forming the program of our work,” – Natalia mentioned.

Natalia has been working in the sphere of public relations for more then 15 years and she is one of the leading PR professionals.

Since 2006 she is the head of Primum Agency for Corporate and financial communications (before 2011 branded as Primum Mobile Agency for Corporate and financial communications) which focuses on strategic communicational consulting for public companies as well as accompanies the loan capital and stock capital transactions.

Natalia repeatedly received professional rewards. In 2003 she was given the Russian PR Award “Silver Archer” in nomination “Project of the year” for developing and introducing the Tumen oil company ethical codex. In 2007 she was awarded “Silver Archer” in nomination Master, which according to the rules, is rewarded by the professional community but not by the jury.

Natalia is an expert in the area of strategic corporate communications, internal communications, and public affairs. Among her clients there are leading Russian and foreign companies, managing big governmental programs and businessmen associations.