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The Primum agency is operating in corporate and financial communications since 1999. We provide services in the field of strategic communication consulting, media relations, support for equity and capital leveraging transactions and public affairs. We offer our clients strategic consulting together with high-quality implementation of communication projects. Among our clients are first-tier companies, state organizations, development institutes and business associations.


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According to the head of Analytical Department of Primum Corporate and Financial Communications Agency Mrs. Alexandra Semenova, "Bank advertising will return to a quieter note and won’t aim at attracting spontaneous borrowers and depositors. Aggression has just finished and the banks do not face the task to stand out at any cost."

• 11.10.2009


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Russian business is now entering a new level of transparency. In addition to compliance with regulatory requirements, companies recognize the need to win over the hearts of investors and the business community. This signifies a turn of the relations with media from a peripheral into a crucial communication task.
It is known that the strength of market economies is that they are well informed about their misfortunes and mistakes. Refraining from evaluation of this phenomenon, we cannot ignore an extremely increased quantity and a changeable quality of information streams. And when we realize that these streams fall into the ocean of investors (where there are big and smaller fish) and influence their expectations and behavior, perhaps that's when we assess the importance of information gateways. Especially in these circumstances the value of those who adjust these gateways in line with business objectives and goals of society - the analysts, experts, strategists, and journalists - increases.
Public relations is a market of consulting and information services, where success largely depends on the quality of a team of professionals involved in the solution of communication issues. Primum is a PR agency, which not only has its own cohesive team of highly qualified professionals, whose expertise is confirmed by a successful cooperation with some first tire companies, but it also professes the command principle of interaction with its customers. Regardless of whether you are a shareholder, Director General, Director of Communications, Head of PR / IR / HR / GR department, you can always bank on our team. We will be ready to solve your business problems as those of our own.
A successful development of companies increasingly depends on the ability of its leadership to develop and maintain a corporate culture that is based on their values and is associated with the features of their professional activities, reflects the peculiarities of corporate history. The ability to align the organizations life - from corporate policy to modes of communication - in accordance with its real values is not just a competitive advantage, but also a corner stone for development of any company.
Today, when our companies and their owners come to the capital markets, many of them start to realize the price of their reputation. This price lays not only in improving the conditions of competition, but in actual amounts that companies gain or lose as a result of the valuation of their business by investors, bidding for loans or bond yields. Reputation becomes a competitive advantage that is certainly a good prerequisite for improving the quality of the business environment in the country as a whole.
In the age of information technologies social media play a key role in the democratization of the content. They are returning the public role to the top in the PRs structure. We are witnessing a revolutionary shift from the concept of disseminating information through traditional media to the concept of Public Relations 2.0, where the mass involvement eliminates the stereotypes of an intermediary. Primum team has all the capabilities to help their clients understand the importance of this shift in the information field and to restart communication strategies in the new format on time.
At the heart of successful communication projects in banking and finance there are, in my opinion, firstly a comprehensive knowledge of financial markets tools and specific segments, secondly the ability to quickly and accurately combine information capabilities of the clients company with the needs of its target audience and the media, and thirdly the ability to respond flexibly and creatively to initiate these opportunities and needs.